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Žorža Klemansoa 4, Beograde, Stari Grad (DORĆOL)

Every day (and weekends): 10.00 - 22.00h


060/60 888 41

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      After working at well-known restaurants in Italy and other European countries, Italian chef Manzoni arrives in Serbia, Belgrade, in 2017. The first Italian butcher shop on Vracar (Makenzieva Str.) And later a fast food restaurant on Dorcol (Zorza Klemansoa 4) - Burgers by Manzoni.

      Our restaurant - is a family-run business where food is art and all our products: burgers, salads, and utensils with passion and enthusiasm by the real Chef Manzoni and our family members. Each burger is made according to the author's recipe and together with quality sauces, side dishes, salad and vegetables is a real 0.4-0.5kg meal, ingredients that fit into a unique and really different composition of flavors - it's up to you to find your taste!

      Most of our recipes were made during Chef Manzoni's work in thought restaurants in Italy, and some are inspired by collaborations with the best chefs in Serbia. For every burger we use premium meat and only the best ingredients we can find in Serbia and some we ship directly from Italy. In our restaurant, with family approach and top quality Italian, fast food - it becomes healthy and very tasty.

      With the growing popularity of our burgers, a new Manzoni restaurant opened in May 2019 in downtown Vienna. In Belgrade, you can enjoy our healthy and tasty cuisine by ordering on our Wolt.rs, Meni.rs and Donesi.com websites. Directly from the counter (Zorza Klemansoa 4) from 11am to 1am.

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